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Once upon a time, before the first really great hamburger, there was much gossip going around. The talk of the town was that something great was about to happen. Many town folk wondered if Sandra Webster had visited Loch Ness because she always seemed to be in a good mood. It was as though she knew an important secret. The gossip soon turned into reality when in 1989, Sandra introduced to the world, The Nessy Burger. Everyone knew that Sandy had discovered a legend and that their lives would be changed forever.


Since its opening in 1989, Sandra Webster, a founder of Nessy Burgers, has had her beef supplied by a local supermarket in Fallbrook. The beef patties used in her perfect Cheeseburgers were made from a special blend of premium chuck and sirloin beef. Only Sandra and her butchers knew this special formulation. Ground fresh every morning, the beef was assembled in ten pound batches and special seasonings were added. This too was Sandra's secret.


Sandra did not stop with the perfect burger patty... After much experimentation, Sandra developed the most excellent of sauces that is spread deliciously over the burgers. Then, Sandra began her search for the finest sesame seed bun; she found it and her bread man calls on the restaurant every day. Next, she turned her attention to the toppings: The burgers are topped with slices from perfectly-ripe juicy jumbo tomatoes, crisp sweet onions (grilled upon request) and only the finest leaves from hand broken Iceberg lettuce. For the final touch, every Nessy Burger comes with premium quality American cheese, and the best sliced jalapeno peppers are offered on the side. Umm Good!!


Well folks, the story continues... Everything is done today exactly as Sandy had started it.


The Nessy team is frequently asked by its customers, "Is this beef patty a recipe?" Well, it most certainly is! In addition to the beef being ground ultra-fresh early each morning, every ½ pound burger patty is hand-made and individually weighed! Nessy's beef possesses no fillers or preservatives and the beef is never frozen. The only additive is Sandra's secret blend of herbs and spices. She knew that the highest quality beef patty was essential for the perfect  hamburger.


The bottom line, a Nessy Burger is a quality burger; that's why burger lovers come from all over Southern California, and even other States,  to eat at Nessy Burgers. Some of our customers actually tell us that they have consistently patronized the restaurant since its opening in 1989!