What a hidden treasure. Inexpensive, huge burgers, super quality, picnic style eating. I don't care where you are, find it. You'll love it.

Murray G. 
Murrieta, CA (Yelp)

Anytime I have to drive to Fallbrook, I have to stop by Nessy Burgers. This place have very delicious burgers and fries...When I am in Fallbrook my husband gets happy because he knows I will bring back home Nessy Burgers.

Xica D. 
San Diego, CA  (Yelp)

best burger discovery in a long time...Taste was spot on for the burgers, 1/2 pound patty, well seasoned, juicy and properly cooked...I consider the cook to be a pro and would hire him to run my own burger joint, I ate my entire burger the way he made it, and would not change a thing.

Sean M.
Pamona, CA  (Yelp)

Great stop for good food . . . wonderful hamburger, super good turkey burger.. . . and they'll wrap in lettuce if you don't want the bun.

ED B. 
Murrieta, CA  (Yelp)

This place has some pretty bomb burgers!...I would definitely check it out!

Raul V.
Fallbrook, CA  (Yelp)

Just a great classic burger with awesome tradition. 

Sarah J. 
Goleta, CA  (Yelp)

I give Nessy Burgers an excellent review. The burgers are cooked well and they are full of juice. All condiments are at the end of the counter to your right. We met up with friends to go and try this place out and found a gem along the freeway that is worth the stop. I would say, it is in my top burgers of SD.

Darryl C. 
San Diego, CA  (Yelp)

"The Best Burgers in So Cal”    

This place should be on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives! We discovered this happy accident four years ago while traveling to San Diego for our honeymoon...The Nessy Burger is absolutely delicious. It is ground sirloin, 1/2 pound hamburger, complete with fresh lettuce, tomato, onion, and cheese...I will be back again and soon, I hope.

Henderson, Nevada  (TripAdvisor)

“Fantastic burgers”

I had passed by this joint many times but never stopped in to see what it was all about. That, my friends was a big mistake!!! So on a motorcycle ride with a couple other friends, decided to visit Nessy Burgers and give it a try. As I took that first bite, I asked myself "why did it take me so long to come here?" Big, juicy and delicious burgers with all the fixin's, fries and a cold drink...what more could you ask for. I ordered the Nessy Burger/w fries (½ pound burger patty topped with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles and cheese and a large order of fries).

Barry H.
Oceanside, CA  (TripAdvisor)

This is defiantly the best burger and fry combo I've had. The meet is seasoned from the inside and the meat quality and portion and terrific. They use a slice of white onion (not rings) that adds great flavor and crunch to the burger. Their fries are thick crinkle cuts and never soggy. I use the special sauce with the fries instead of ketchup and it's amazing.This is one place to get a terrific hamburger.  The place always has a trail of people waiting to place their order…The flavor of the burger is delish!

Sam R.
Temecula, CA (Yelp)

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Located next to the Pala Mesa Market on Old Highway 395, Just one block north of Highway 76 and one block west of the I-15

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